Heaters, Greensboro, NC

If you are using a combination of space heaters and a furnace to get your Greensboro home comfortable, call us to find out if there is another solution.

Heaters in Greensboro, North Carolina

Are you using space heaters in certain rooms of your Greensboro, North Carolina home because your old, inefficient furnace isn’t making you comfortable enough? Here at All About Care Heating & Air, Inc., we can help you rectify that. The use of space heaters is not without problems and risks, so our goal is to reduce or eliminate your need to use them.

It is a common misconception that the problem of an inefficient furnace can only be resolved with a new system. In many cases, we are able to service an older unit to gain performance and efficiency. We recommend that you have your furnace serviced once a year, preferably before the colder temperatures arrive, so you can enjoy the lowest heating bills possible. We can also examine the ductwork to determine if you are losing heat due to leaks or improper installation.

Another thing to consider is that if you have an older system, it can be advantageous to have it upgraded because of the long-term savings and increase in value of your home that you can experience. Putting your energy expenditures into investing in your home instead of leaving them as a non-recoupable expense can make a lot of sense. In some cases, the amount saved on utility bills can cover a good portion of the payment on a financed new heating system.

You could be paying more than you think not only because of the inefficient system, but also to operate the heaters. Call us today, and let us inspect your system and provide you with honest advice about how you can enjoy a comfortable home and lower heating costs. We also offer 24-hour emergency service, so if your furnace isn’t working at all, don’t suffer even one cold night with space heaters. Call us, and we’ll get it working again promptly.

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