Heat Pumps, Winston-Salem, NC

Heat pumps are an ideal heating and cooling solution for your home in Winston-Salem.

Heat Pumps in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, we experience moderate temperatures and weather conditions throughout most of the year. For this reason, heat pumps are an ideal heating and cooling solution for many homes in the area. In the refrigerator that sits in your kitchen, electricity moves heat from cooler areas to warmer ones, which makes the warm space warmer and the cool space cooler. A heat pump works basically the same way. When it’s time to heat your home, the heat from the outdoors moves into your home, and during the summer, the heat pump moves heat from the interior of your home into the outdoors.

One of the main benefits of heat pumps is that since they move heat instead of generating it, they cost much less to operate throughout the year compared with traditional HVAC systems. If you’re ready to ensure the comfort of your home in every season and reduce what you pay for heating and cooling throughout the year, a heat pump might be a good option, and here at All About Care Heating & Air, Inc., we’d be more than happy to provide further information.

Our Services for Heat Pumps

Just like standard HVAC systems, we also provide several services for heat pumps. These include:

  • Heat pump installation—If you’ve decided to install a heat pump system in your home, we’ll make sure it’s installed with precision for flawless operation moving forward.
  • Heat pump replacement—Like any other appliance, heat pumps don’t last forever. We’ll help you pick out the right replacement system for your home and take care of the installation work.
  • Heat pump repair—You need your heat pump to remain operational so your home stays comfortable. Leave your heat pump repair needs to our team and expect great results.

All these services are backed by a quality guarantee that ensures whether you turn to us for help replacing, repairing, or installing a heat pump, you get the exact results you’re after.

Our Commitment to Quality

As a local family-owned and operated business, quality is everything to us. Our founder, Howard Millirons, started working in the heating and cooling industry back in 1979 and committed himself to only doing what was best for his customers from the very start. Doing what’s best for our customers remains one of our core principles, and we promise that when you turn to us, we’ll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations.

You can trust us to go above and beyond for you when you turn to us for help, thanks to our extensive knowledge of heat pumps and the fact that we only use quality materials and parts when we work. We also hold our employees to an extremely high level and expect them to deliver friendly, professional service every time.

Reach Out to Us Today

When it comes to heat pumps, you’ll have a hard time finding a professional in the Winston-Salem area as well-versed in this subject as we are. For more information about heat pumps and why this heating and cooling system is a beneficial option for your home, get in touch with us at All About Care Heating & Air, Inc. today.