During the transition from winter to spring, your HVAC system can be under a bit of pressure to provide the home comfort you need. Do you stay with heating, turn off everything, or switch to air conditioning and set your thermostat at a certain temperature? The good news is that you can take active steps to prepare your HVAC system for warmer weather, so the transition for you and for your heating and cooling system goes more smoothly. Here are a few steps you can apply:

1.  Quick Test – If you notice that there is a warmer day ahead (most likely a nice break from the colder weather), take a few minutes to switch your HVAC to air conditioning and see what happens. Is your system working well, does it appear to be under strain, does it make weird noises, or is it refusing to work? As you give your HVAC system time to adjust to the different setting, take stock of any issues, so you’ll know whether you need to call a professional.

2.  New Thermostat – As you transition from winter to spring, upgrading your thermostat can be a great way to enjoy energy efficiency and greater home comfort. Not only will you be able to more accurately adjust your temperature settings, but you’ll also have indicators as to whether your HVAC system is working like it should.

3.  Seal Air Leaks – Over time, your HVAC system can sustain wear and tear – and that’s pretty normal. However, air leaks in your duct work and ventilation system can lead to a less efficient system. Having a professional company clean and repair your ductwork will help you achieve a more comfortable home as you transition to air conditioning.

4.  Preventative Maintenance – Of course, the best way to ensure that your HVAC system is working efficiently year after year, no matter what the weather may be, is to schedule routine preventative maintenance with a professional company. Not only can this help nip problems in the bud, but you’ll also enjoy lower energy bills and know that your transition from heating to cooling or vice versa will be easy every time.

If you have questions about these steps or you need a professional team to assist you with HVAC maintenance and repairs, contact us at All About Care Heating & Air Inc. today. We are your heating and cooling experts!