AC Unit in Greensboro, NC

At the height of summer, your AC unit is working hard. AC units are designed to work well and work hard combatting the heat in your home or business. However, when summer temperatures are high, you want to make sure that your unit will keep working at its best. Here are a few signs that your air conditioner may be a little overworked.

One of the first clues may come from an unexpected source: your wallet! As temperatures rise, your AC unit will need to work harder to keep up. This means you should see a moderate rise in your energy bills to cover the extra work your AC unit is doing to cool your home or business. However, if you see your energy bill quickly rise above normal levels, this may indicate that your AC unit needs repair. Broken or run-down parts may cause your unit to work less efficiently and require more energy to run.

A second sign that you may need to give your AC unit extra attention is noticing that your machine is not running as smoothly as usual. You may discover this a few different ways. For example, you may notice that your AC unit may not be pumping enough air through your home. This could indicate a malfunctioning fan or blocked air ducts. Working with a professional can help you identify and fix the root cause of these types of problems, so you can return your AC unit to tip-top shape.

When you notice these signs, your AC unit may be a bit overworked and suffer from normal wear and tear. We recommend you identify and fix these problems early, so your AC unit will start operating at full capacity.