Air Conditioner Maintenance in Greensboro, NC

Summer is in the air! It’s time to start planning your summer vacations, trips to the park, and visits to your favorite ice cream shops, and other summer activities. However, it’s also important to plan some summer preparation. Now is a good time to make sure that your cooling system is up and running for the summer months.

When it comes to air conditioner maintenance, planning ahead can make a big difference. Taking a little time now, before temperatures rise, to inspect and tune up your machine can help you avoid costly breakdowns in the future. Maintaining your air conditioner in the spring also ensures that it is working at it’s highest levels before the summer heat hits.

You can easily schedule an air conditioner maintenance inspection from one of our experts. Here are a few things you can look for your own machine to help us diagnose any problems:

  • Energy Bills: One sign your air conditioner may need maintenance is if your energy bills are higher than usual. This may indicate that your machine is operating less efficiently and needs a tune up.
  • Cooling Power: Another signal it’s time for air conditioner maintenance is if your machine is not cooling your home with its normal power. This could happen for several reasons including broken parts that need to be replaced.
  • Thermostat Readings: A final sign to look for is if your thermostat seems off. Is your home not cooling properly, or cooling too much? Take a closer look at your thermostat to see if it is functioning normally.

If you notice any of these problems, it’s time to call for air conditioner maintenance! Be sure to take care of these problems before the heat of summer hits your home.