Furnace Replacement

Have you seen those movies? You know, the ones where the furnace goes out and the people end up sitting at their desks or in chairs, freezing cold, bundled up with a cup of coffee, while tendrils of hot breath rise from their mouths? While it is laughable in movies, the truth is that sitting at your desk in the middle of winter and freezing is no fun. It distracts you from the more important aspects of your job, such as taking care of customers, writing reports, mailing packages, or any other responsibilities that you may have at work. While it is possible that your building lacks a furnace, the more likely scenario is that the furnace in your building has quit working and is no longer capable of doing its job, making you less capable of performing yours. When you have tried every possible fix with no success, you are probably in the market for a furnace replacement.

Deciding when it is time for a furnace replacement may seem like a complex task, but in reality, it is fairly simple. Some key factors to consider include:

  • The age of your furnace
  • The quality of air your furnace provides
  • How much energy your furnace uses to heat your office
  • How noisy or quiet your furnace is
  • The color of flames that burn in your furnace
  • If the air is dusty or dirty
  • Signs of rust on the furnace
  • The frequency of furnace repairs
  • How evenly or unevenly your furnace heats the space

You can probably guess which items signal trouble: old furnace, cold air, high energy bills, noisy furnace, yellow flames, dirty air, etc. all signal that your furnace is in trouble. Regardless of the reason, when you suspect that you need furnace replacement, contact us at All About Care Heating & Air, Inc.  We’ll inspect your current furnace and let you know what is needed to keep your business warm and comfortable all winter long!