When is the Best Time for Air Conditioner Maintenance?
There are two important times that you should be concerned about air conditioner maintenance. The first is as soon as possible if it has been more than a year since you have had it serviced. After that, the ideal time to call is in the spring. There are several reasons why this is the best time to have it done.

First, it is easy to remember when you make it part of your spring cleaning ritual. In fact, it is a good idea to get air conditioner maintenance done before you start with the rest of your cleaning, so you can have a nice comfortable home while you work up a sweat banishing every last speck of dust, dirt, and clutter from your home.

Another reason for spring air conditioner maintenance is that it will make your system run at peak performance and efficiency. That means that first utility bill after you turn it on will be as low as possible. You also won’t have the unpleasant experience of turning it on for that first hot, humid day only to find it isn’t working.

Finally, spring is the time of year before most air conditioner companies have been hit with several service calls. If you wait until you need to turn it on, you’ll be in the same group of other people who are calling for service. Beat the crowd and call for air conditioner maintenance before the heat hits.

You can count on us at All About Care Heating & Air, Inc. for quality air conditioner maintenance whenever you need it. Although we do recommend spring for the reasons given and more, we are fine with coming out anytime. Contact us today and enjoy the services of a dedicated family owned and operated company that always has your best interests in mind.