Why Does My Heating System Keep Failing?
It started when you turned your heating system on for the first time this winter, and it didn’t come on. Repair visit number one. A month later, you realized your home wasn’t as warm as you thought it should be and the thermostat confirms it – it’s cold. Repair visit number two. The coldest night on record, and you are shivering because your heating system can’t keep up. Repair visit number three. That is enough to make anyone ask, “Why does my heating system keep failing?” Here are a few reasons why you may be having trouble:

  • It is old. A home heating system isn’t going to last forever. The average lifespan of most furnaces is 15 to 20 years, and even with exceptional and consistent regular maintenance, a lifespan past 25 is unusual. If yours is near the end of its life, you can expect constant heating repair bills, which won’t buy you much time overall. The better choice is to have it replaced.
  • It hasn’t been maintained. Ideally, your home’s heating system should be serviced at least once a year. If it has been years since it has been done, it could need a seriously good cleaning and some tender loving care to coax it back to peak performance. Keep in mind that years of neglect can have shortened its life tremendously, so it could need to be replaced even if it is only 5 to 10 years old.
  • It’s the wrong system for your home. Sadly, this does sometimes happen. The heating system may not be sufficient for the size and layout of your home. Thus, it must work harder and that is causing breakdowns. Additionally, if you put an addition on your home, it may be too much for your current system.
  • Clogged filters. Depending on your situation, the filters should be replaced every two to six weeks. If they have become clogged, they are forcing your heating system to work harder and not perform as effectively or as efficiently. Be sure your system doesn’t have more filters than you know about, too, because some systems have more than one.

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