Air Conditioner Repair

As you sit languishing in the heat, you may be kicking yourself for failing to service your air conditioner prior to the start of the summer. The old saying is that hindsight is 50/50, and you can verify that this is true since if you had known then what you know now, you would have serviced your air conditioner before even a hint of heat crept into the forecast. However, now that you are sweltering in the August heat, you may be wondering whether or not it is worth it to get that air conditioner fixed or just wait it out until next year. The short answer is this:  if you value staying comfortable through the remainder of the summer, it is worth getting the air conditioner repair you need. Think of it this way: air conditioner repair now will provide you with the cool air you need on every hot day until those hot days are gone.  Additionally, it will keep your air conditioner primed for the next heat wave, regardless of when it hits.

While having an air conditioner that won’t turn on is a definite sign that you need air conditioner repair, there are other precursors to watch for that may assist you in taking care of the problem before you get to that extreme. For example, if your air conditioner begins to blow warm air, leak water, or make strange noises, chances are fairly high that you need an air conditioner repair.  Other signs to watch for include strange odors or dusty air coming through the vents. Luckily, when you notice these signs, you can call on us to come and assess your situation.  We can let you know if you need an air conditioner repair or if replacement is your best option.

When you are ready to begin enjoying the cool air once more, contact us at All About Care Heating & Air, Inc. for our air conditioner repair services. Our goal is to keep you cool and comfortable, which means that we will repair your air conditioner correctly and quickly. Give us a call today!