Furnace Maintenance

At All About Care Heating & Air, Inc., we understand that maintaining your home can be a repetitive, boring, or even frustrating task. When it comes to furnace maintenance, it’s all too easy to let it fall by the wayside, especially in the summer months when you don’t want to think about the cold. However, failing to maintain your furnace can easily lead to failures during the winter months when you need it most, which no one wants to deal with. To help you avoid a furnace emergency, our team has put together a brief guide to proper furnace maintenance.

  • Replace the Air Filter. The first step to furnace maintenance is to replace the air filter. Your furnace is equipped with a filter designed to remove harmful debris and particulates from the air before it passes through the heating elements. This keeps both your furnace and the air inside your home clean. Air filters that become dirty or clogged put a strain on your furnace that reduces its efficiency. Check the air filter once a month and clean or replace it as necessary to ensure that your furnace stays in top shape.
  • Change the Furnace Belt. Another key step to furnace maintenance is to periodically check the furnace belt and replace it when needed. The furnace belt connects the blower to the motor, and a broken belt means that warm air won’t be able to circulate through your home until a new one is installed.

Though relatively simple, these tasks can still be messy or just annoying. If you want to keep your furnace running smoothly but don’t want to do any of these yourself, you can call our team at All About Care Heating & Air, Inc. for our professional furnace maintenance services.