Indoor Air Quality

All About Care cares about your air

Clean air in your home is as important as ever. We’re spending more time at home and are exposed to a number of pollutants at a higher volume because of it. Indoor air quality solutions can reduce your exposure to mold, mildew, dust, pollen, bacteria, and even viruses.

How Can I Improve the Air Quality in my home?


The air filters in your HVAC system do some real heavy lifting when it comes to the air quality in your home. Don’t believe us? Try comparing a used filter to a brand new filter after a couple of months of dirt, debris, dust, pet hair, and dander have tried to pass through your vents.

Changing your filters regularly can go a long way toward improving your air quality. Using the right filters will take your IAQ to the next level. All About Care can match you up with the right sized filters using the best MERV level for your situation. (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value)

UV Lights

UV lights can be effective tools in your IAQ approach. They’re installed so that the air filtering through your system is exposed to purifying UV rays. Some products boast high success rates against bacteria, mold, and even some well-known viruses. They haven’t been fully tested against the latest virus, but early signs seem to be promising.

Call us today to learn about the products we carry and what the process would be like to have one installed in your system.

Unique Cleaning Measures used by All About Care

All About Care has access to some cutting-edge, FDA-approved treatments that can protect important parts of your equipment from mold, mildew and more for extended periods of time. If you’re interested to learn more about these unique services, call us today!

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